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PC Desktop Recovery Card

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Prod. Code: RC0010A

This version of card has just developed. The Recovery Card protects a hard drive data from unintentional damage as well as from tampering with the system configuration.

It recovers data lost from virus infection, running FDISK, re-formatting the hard disk, file deletion and tampering with files.
The Recovery Card completely resolve problems that many computer lab administrators sometime get great headache handling network system. It simplifies system administration by standardizing and improving the security for your PCs.
With the Recovery Card installed, people can learn and practice commands like Delete, FDISK, and Format and be assured that the data and configuration is safe.
Any lost data, files, or programs will be recovered just simplify reboot of the computer and click Restored button.
The Recovery Card also provides easy-to-use user interface and various management modes for simple operation.
Are you looking for methods to minimize the maintenance time and cost for maintaining a good computer systems?
The Recovery Card is the best choice. It also provides complete protection from all Viruses Automatically restore the hard disk by Rebooting the computer (Recover all the deleted files/programs, formatted hard drives, changed CMOS settings) Support Multi-boot up to 30 partitions. Support 1 to 3 hard disk copies, track by track.