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Test Pattern generator for Computer Monitors

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NO Need Connecting with PC Monitor

for Testing


This card designed for ensuring PC monitor working properly without connecting with display card and PC main tower. It can prevent to damage the display card due to monitor faulty. This tester is subject to any PC desktop monitor. It can generate 15 types of testing signals with different screens and resolutions.

It just needs to connecting with VGA connector with PC monitor and DC power supply 12V (1A). Then it can work.
Great for the service bench, IT department, or home computer DIY.


It can work with difference resolution, 640 x 480 , 800 x 600, 1024x768, HV8-1, HV8-2, HV8-4 and HV8-8. The test pattern generator include dots, color bars, gray scale and aspect patten

Remark: The power plug doesn't include.