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USB Multi-Functional Meter and Controller

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This brand new Relay controller is a high quality, A general purpose Relay board for connection to a PC's USB port.There's no need for tricky set-ups - Just simply connect the board to your PC's USB port using the included cable. It doesn't require to set default a new USB devices. This is USB multifunctional meter & tools and comes with driver and software.

5 Major Basic Function:

A. Four Ports Relay Control by Computer
B. One Ports Relay Control with 3 difference period setting
C. Square Wave Signal Generator 5 Hz,10 Hz,50 Hz,100 Hz,200 Hz, 500 Hz,1K Hz,2K Hz,5K Hz,10K Hz,20K Hz, 50K Hz,100K Hz,200K Hz,1M Hz,2M Hz
D. Act as Tachometer for counting the number of rotation
E. 8 Ports Voltage Meter (Voltage Range: 0-60V)

Detail Information

USB power supply or External adapter power supply can be selected. There is a jumper for this setting. If it needs to install over 2 device at the same time, we recommend to use external power supply. The input power is 6V DC for 500mA or above .When the board was plugged through USB port, the software shows "USB not connected". It represents not enough voltage supply.

Function A
This software can monitor 4 ports relay ON/ OFF function. The relay parameters are shown as follows:
7A / 240VAC
10A / 120VAC
10A / 24VDC (120VAC)
It comes with 10 pins ribbon cable for relay board and main board connection

Function B
It can set a port ON/OFF function against with setting time control. Three difference period with hour and minutes can be set.

Function C
Select an desired frequency and press a "wave_out" button with output two pins "FB" and "GND", it generate a right square wave signal. There are several difference frequency can be selected, 5 Hz,10 Hz,50 Hz,100 Hz,200 Hz
500 Hz,1K Hz,2K Hz,5K Hz,10K Hz,20K Hz, 50K Hz,100K Hz,200K Hz,1M Hz,2M Hz

Function D
There are two pins "JS" and "GND" for measuring the pulse. This pin is low level normally, if TTL high level signal happens. The counter will accumulate a unit. The tachometer display is to count the number per second.

Function E
8 channels voltage meter can test 8 ports voltage at the same time. The measured voltage range is 0-60 DCV. It can use act a multimeter and the data will be shown on the software.