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Desktop DDR1 Memory Tester

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Price: $12.50
Prod. Code: DD- 0048

DDR 1 Memory Slot tester is used to test open circuit or short circuit of PC mainboard memory slot. When the mainboard generate alarm for memory failure, while the memory would not work or when the mainboard work well and the memory size does not show enough, It can be used to test the error.


Remark: when testing motherboard memory slot, most repairers only test using a very expensive ram machine to diagnose it. This tester is suitable for some inital checking for the slot instead this kind of complex equipment. It is difficult to repair it successfully for using multimeter to test every slot footpin of motherboard. By using our tester, it is easy and save time to see the open circuit or short circuit point through the signal on board

Remark: It is not include the CR2032 battery.