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Notebook Memory Slot Tester

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Price: $10.80
Prod. Code: DD- 0056

The third generation to play a full set of Fake Testing board for measuring the resistance
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Product Description:
Notebook Mini-PCI Memory Testing Board

Notebook DIMM-200 DDR1 Memory Testing Board

Notebook DIMM-200 DDR2 Memory Testing Board

Notebook DIMM-144 SD Memory Testing Board

There are a lot of testing pins in this board ---- clock, reset, voltage signals etc... Through measuring the resistance value, it can determine the slot working or not in accurate way

Easy to find out the test points for hardware repair, it is an useful tool.

Save Time and easy to determine the root cause through measuring test points,

Suitable for user without technical background and No need to take up any professional training in the computer chip-level maintenance

Boards contains various signals, voltages, clock, address and data line signal testing points