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Battery Port for IBM Notebook Post Code Card

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Price: $12.50
Prod. Code: DC-0031

This is the POST CODE card for IBM notebook
This Card can work on IBM Notebook Battery and USB port (NO NEED to open the notebook case)
Easy to install and fit with battery and USB port
It can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on.
LED displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard. Especially helpful to pinpoint where is the problem when power on the computer and find no display or machine hang.
Plug in battery and USB port at the same time, then it can show POST CODE. It is suitable this kinds of IBM notebook model, T61, R61/I/E, T400/S, T500, X61/S, X200/S, W500, W700 or later version with 945 chipset.

The usage of diagnostic card is easy, just plug in the notebook and it can show the post code, much saving time for troubleshooting notebook hardware