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HDMI Cable Tester

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Prod. Code: HCT-0020

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Check Repair Troubleshooting HDMI High Definition Cable Tester


This product is for troubleshooting for standard compliance HDHI 1.2V & 1.3 V HDMI Cable. It can compliable with HDMI Cable Pin orientation
It tests with fragile or easy damage HDMI Patch Cables area before and after site installation. There are 19 wires inside the HDMI interface cable and there are only 9 complete loop circuits. The HDMI tester selectively measures each sub circuit within the interface and displays a pass/fail by through LED's Status on receiver.

Checking HDMI CABLE Signal
Data Red, Blue, Green: Streaming Digital for Red ,blue and green with multiplexed sound
Clock Master clock for multiplexing with Red, Blue, Green and sound data
CEC: Consumer Electronics Control (Future CE Control)
I2C Clock: Serial port timing output, Supporting HDCP
I2C DATA Serial Data for HDCP ,EDID
+5V Volts: System supply Voltage and Standby
Hot Plug: Indicates presence of HDMI Source