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PC Desktop PCIE Data Recovery Card

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Product Description:

This PCIE Recovery Card is a new generation computer management product for computer system security protection and deployment with flexibility.
It uses a hardware-controlled chip architecture to prevent damage from the chips on the recovery card (ROM).
The hard disk drive is directly accessed and managed, and cables are directly connected to the cards to provide the mechanism for controlling the hard disk drive read write I/O operation, protecting data stored on the hard disk drive, and eliminating virus threat (e.g. AIBO).

Functions Introduction
Setting level driver program embedded in the protection chip: no installation of third party software required.
OS supported (Windows system with instant recovery ability, Linux system with backup recovery ability).
High-capacity hard disk drive supported (max. 2TB).
Multiple OS(s) installation allowed: each of them can be independently operated.
CMOS protection and transmission function are provided (motherboard support needed).
Multiple hard disk partitions protected.
Network install / NetCopy / Incremental copy over Network.
Continuous transmission from break point supported.
Incremental copy function supported on any transmitting end.
Incremental copy operation supported in any mode (including administrator mode, protection).
Local hard disk drive copy supported.
Ability to modify partition attributes supported.
Partition copy supported for copying between different partitions in local disk drive.
Ability to automatically clean NTFS system files supported.
Remote wake up, remote reboot/shutdown, remote lock supported.
Time synchronization, automatic IP/computer name allocation supported.
IPv6 supported that can satisfy the requirement of network upgrade.
I/O control supported, and USB disk and CD-ROM driver controlled from low level.
CMOS automatic recovery supported.
Ability to partition hard disk drive supported (without the support of the third party software)
Static + Dynamic dual mode buffering mechanism adopted.
Architecture of hardware chip with anti-hacking mechanism.

Feature List:
Expansion Slot: PCI 32 bit
Hard Drive Support: IDE / EIDE / ATA66,100,133 / SATA
PCI Card Size: 68mm X 30 mm (without bracket)
Computer Requirements: Pentium II and above compatible PC
Support all type BIOS: Yes (Award/ AMI/ Phoenix/ Intel/ and all the OEM BIOS)
Plug and Play: Yes
Installation Option: Express / Custom / Network Installations
Hard Drive Size: Support HDD size without limitation (bigger than 500GB)
Instant Recovery for the OS: WIN 2000/ XP/2003/ Vista 32/ Vista/Win7 x32, x64
Backup Recovery for the OS: All The Known Systems
L-CACHE Technology Support: Yes (True 32 bits kernel technology. Support UDMA 66/100)
S-DATA Technology Support: Yes (Smart detecting the free space with dynamic technology)
Multiple Boot Partition: Yes (Support 48 System Partitions)
Specified Data Partition: Yes (Support 3 Data Partitions)
Password Control: Yes (Administration/ System Partition/ User / Backup /Restore)
CMOS Recovery: Yes (Auto/ Manual/ Smart):
Switching Backup Mode Selection: Yes (Switching from Backup Restore to Instant Restore Mode)
Default Boot-up Selection: Yes
Lock Boot Partitions :Yes
Auto Startup Delay Selection: Yes(1¡ã99 sec)
IDE HDD Clone: Support 1 to 7 Cloning Simultaneously
Preset Auto-restore Boot Partition: Yes (Every Rebooting/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Specified Date)
Block Booting Media Option: Yes (By COMS/ Only Drive C/ A,C, CDROM)
Protection Against PCI Card Lost: Yes
Auto-clear Data Partition: Yes (Every Reboot/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Specified Date)
Network Cloning: Yes (Clone the entire HDD/ Partition/ Parameters)
Title Menu Setting: Yes
Uninstall Card: Yes (OS will remain after uninstall when installed by Express)
Remote Controlling: Yes
Remote Recovery Mode Switching: Yes
Remote Rebooting /Shutdown: Yes
Un-attended Installation: Yes (SMS command line push installation)
Un-manned Scheduling Task: Yes

Minimum Hardware Requirement:
CPU: Intel Pentium III
Hard Disk Drive: SATA interface 8.4GB or above