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Temperature Controller with Black Metal Case

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The temperature controller is a great device to control the temperature and monitor the CPU fans. It comes with three sets of thermal sensors that are used to detect the temperature of the CPU, VGA, and HDD. The temperature can be displayed by CPU, VGA, or HDD with a simple press on the MODE button.

Feature list

1. Attractive blue backlight and 7 different color to change in screen
2. HDD activity
3. Fan rotation speed
4. Acoustic notification when actual temperature becomes higher than user defined limit.
5. Fits in 5.25" drive for easy installation
6. Automatically regulated rotation speed of CPU when temperature gets too high
7. Suitable for all PC's with speed controllable fan with 3 pins socket
8. Backup battery to save settings time and day when power is down.


1. Power supply: connect 4pin connector of Power cable with power supply
2. Connect the small 4pin with 4pin header on the LCD PCB
3. Fan control: connect the fan with the 2pin connector on the PCB.
4. HDD LED plug: find 2pcs of 2pin connector on both end. One connects the printed HDD (2pin) on LCD PCB, and the other connects the printed HDD (2pin) on Main board PCB.
5. TEMP: find the labels which are printed CPU/HDD/VGA on each temperature cables. Connect each cable on each printed 2pin on the LCD PCB. Fix each temperature sensor on each hardware.

Switch Function

1. RESET Switch: reset all function
2. MODE Switch: control switch for temperature of CPU/HDD/VGA
3. SET Switch: for time set up (hour/minute)
4. C/F-UP Switch: time set up (number change)