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USB 18650 Rechargeable Battery Charger

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Price: $9.50
Prod. Code: UBC-0004

Convenient for Recharge the battery, Just use one 18650/17670 lithium battery can offer power to such as mobile phone、MP3、MP4、digital products, so you can shake off the need of AC(alternate current).Make that charge anytime, anywhere. At the same time the charger can charge the 18650/17670 if you can connect the USB port. So that your battery more durable. Truly make a multifunctional machine.

Protect environment, Make sure that one lithium battery can keep 90% capacity after it charge 500 cycles and avoid use more AA Alkaline batteries.

It has two type USB Interface port? USB Type A / Mini USB Type A can be either input port

This batteries is suitable for all kind of digit products

It can use the mobile charge adaptor with USB port to charge up 18650/17670 battery.

Safety: It has the protected circuit to avoid over charge / over discharge. If battery installation is wrong direction, it doesn't charge up. It care of your battery and yourself.

Package comes with a pc of USB charger and a pc 18650 battery.

Remark: It doesn't come with USB cable and AC power adaptor.