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USB Cell 3A Battery

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Price: $14.50
Prod. Code: UCB-0003

USB Rechargeable batteries are great! They can power up all our favorite gadgets. Without them, we'd be tossing all alkaline batteries.

The problem with existing model of rechargeables is the myriad plugs, ports, sockets and bays you need to have around to keep them filled with electricity. Oh, the battery's dead, but where to find out recharger? Sound familiar? And NOW, it has USB charger plug built-in the battery. NO NEED any charger.

Whether it's on your computer, laptop, monitor or powered USB hub, all you need is 250mA of juice from your universal serial bus, and a little patience. In just a few hours, you'll have 550mAH of power!

Two AAA batteries per order, the outlook of battery is shown on photo.