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Programmable LED Belt Buckle Red Color

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Prod. Code: LED-0060


This LED Buckle is a fashionable led belt for matching with clothes with different style. The main material of this is adapted LED. It can be added with popular word message, super visual wallop, etc.  

Feature list

1. It can store up to 6 messages and every message can store 255 characters

2. It can display: number (0-9); letter (A-Z); 23 Signs (Smile face; shape of heart; $; @; %. etc)

3. Display color: Red

4. Size: 135 x 48 x 4mm

5. 4 different display types:

A) Display from right to left;

B) Display from up to down;

C) Display from down to up;

D) Display flicking

6. Communication Mode: input by key-press

7. Power supply: two CR2032 batteries (included)

Package Content

1. New Red LED Chrome Scrolling Belt Buckle x 1

2. Lithium batteries x 2

3. User's Manual