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Programmable LED Heart Shape Necklace

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This LED Necklace Messenger is like having a piece of the future on your necklace. Be one of the first people to floss this new LED necklace.  

You can put up to 255 characters on it. Introducing the most technologically advanced piece of clothingyou're your trendy fashion line. And this is the cheapest place to get them anywhere. Wanna make a statement? WELL BRING IT ON! Write whatever you want and let it scroll across the screen! Your name, your number, your hood!
Stand out in the club without a bottle of Bud!. Scroll on playa.


  • Fully programmable: no cord, no wire, no computer needed  

  • LED: 21 x 7 Dot Matrix-Memory: up to 6 messages, up to 255 characters on each message.
    It can display:numbers:0-9;lettesr:A-Z; Other shape like Simile face, Heart, $@#!%^&*( ) <>...etc.

  • Difference Scrolling direction: a. From Right to Left; From Up to Down; from down to up and FLASHING!  
  • Compact Size! 
  • Programmed Characters can be displayed on screen 
  • Difference Scrolling speeds and Brightness Adjustment

What Include? 

Power supply
2 CR2032 button battery (included) + Blister Packing
Manual included.

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