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Rechargeable 2032 battery with charger

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 Feature List

  • Place one or both of the special Re-chargeable Lithium batteries included in the charger by pushing them into the circular compartments with the + side facing up.
  •  The RED light should go on.
  • On the back of the re-charger, press the plastic button which will pop open the prongs.
  • Plug the unit into a standard household electrical outlet.
  • You should now see a blinking GREEN light.
  • The light will go off when the batteries are completely charged.
  • This should take "at least 4-5" hours. Remove the charger from the electrical outlet when the green blinking light goes off. Leaving in for extended times may reduce life of batteries!
  • Remove the batteries from the charger by pushing the two metal prongs holding the batteries with a pointed object like a pen or small screwdriver.
  • These special 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium batteries are brighter than the average 3.0V CR-2032 batteries.
  • They can be re-charged over and over again
  • Because of the extra power emitted by the batteries, we have found the batteries to last around 3+ hrs.
  • So it is recommended that you charge both and carry the extra one with you.
  • If you place the extra battery in your pocket or purse, be sure to keep it away from metal objects.
  • It can overheat when in contact with metal objects.
  • 2 LIR 2032 batteries comes with this charger.
What special???
·        Battery Charger with Rechargeable LIR 2032
·        Easy operation
·        Works with either 110 AC or 220/240 AC
·        Either Two round or Two flat Power Plug Pins
·        Included Two pcs of 3.6 Volts rechargeable batteries in socket
·        Two LEDs to show the charging activity