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Relaxing Ocean in Room Bathroom LED Projector Pot Lamp

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Prod. Code: RPL-1012


A great gift for you , your family and your friends
A great decoration for your Home /Room/Bathroom, relaxing.
The Ocean Projector Pot is using advanced holographic, lasers and some kind of blue lid it projects an underwater sunlight effect onto anything aimed at.
Its innovative light fixture projects a watery ocean light around your room, transforming your environment into a relaxing tropical lagoon. It is perfect for workaholics who like to unwind with a quiet bath at the end of the day.
It will project swinging light like a ocean surface makes you relax at both room or living room.

* 100% brand new with super quality.
* Material: ABS
* Plug it in, angle it at the ceiling,then the light will be full with your room or bathroom.
* It can be adjust from 0-30 degree so that the room will be full with light projection.
* It comes with timing dormancy function and will be turn off automatically after one hour so you can enjoy the replaxing animation when you go to sleep! It is energy saving.
* Auto shutdown after 1 hour, can be used to relax yourself before sleeping
With speaker function, volume adjustable, 3.5mm audio plug
* There LED lgiht on the top that can project rays of light .
* It is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom.
* It is powered by 4 pieces of AA batteries (Not included)
* Dimensions: 10x12x10 cm
* Weight: 520g