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One Port Telephone Beep Tone Generator

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The Telephone Beep tone generator produces a periodic warning tone to inform callers that they are being recorded.

The Telephone Beep Tone Generator is used to connect your recorder to a telephone set. It can be used with both single line telephone. The unit has a BEEP tone generator to remind you that your conversation is being recorded and is compatible with most telephone styles that have a phone prone on headset.

Make the record call legally
Keep the phone calls serious for recording purpose
Beep tone volume level is adjustable
Add beep tone to remind the callers and receivers are being recorded

It involves a independent phone prone socket RJ12. The volume control switch is embedded in the main case.
* The volume of the BEEP tone is adjustable. You can adjust the volume to your preference.
* After installation you will hear the beep during phone conversation in regular period on the phone.

* Turn the knob clockwise when you want the sound louder. On the contrary, Turn the knob anticlockwise beep sound will smaller.
* When the rotatory switch anitclockwise is greater than the half of dial, you will not hear the beep sound.

You will hear the beep sound when the phone prone is lifted up.

*This device can be connected a lines or analog extension which can be connected simultaneously.

1 Channel Beep Tone Generator x 1 pc