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USB Telephone Recorder (1 Channel) Support VISTA

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Price: $45.90
Prod. Code: UTR-0039B


Record Telephone Conversations of all incoming and outgoing call automatically
Playback and Real time monitoring phone conversation through PC Speakers
Record all incoming and outgoing caller ID number and add note on each call
Able to convert to standard voice file for sending email
Control by PC interface and no need extra battery for recorder power supply
Able to search the a specify phone call shortly
Allow a user to place points within a recording for easy playback from a reselected point
Mini size of recorder and be hidden easily.
Simple hardware and software installation
Filtering some specify phone call for recording option through time and date
High Compression rate and doesn't consume too much hard drive capacity

USB cable and telephone Cord Included
Software and driver will be sent through our mail system

Technical Specification:

USB Standard: USB2.0
USB powered, Consumption: <200mW
Dimensions: Portable size, 73mm x 43mm x 18mm
Sampling Rate: 8KBPS or 64KBPS (equivalent)
SNR: Typical 60 dB
Telephone interface impedance: >20 Kohm
Band: 300-3400 Hz
Connections: RJ11 jack for phone jack, USB-B type for PC connection
Compatible with any C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station

Software/Hardware Requirements:
? IBM Compatible personal computer with USB 2.0 port and Windows compatible sound card
?Windows 2000 ,Windows XP and Windows vista.
? Min 200MB of hard drive space
? 512MB of free physical RAM