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DVR PCI 8 channels Video Recorder Card (240 fps)

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Price: $59.00
Prod. Code: CTV-0108

8 Channels DVR Card ( 240 fps) 8 Ch Real time Recording 240fps/NTSC 200fps/PAL

DVR Capture Card provides multi-channel video recorder, multiplexer and video transmission server functions

Features & Specifications :
8-Ch DVR Capture Card 8-Channels Real time
Support full screen, 4-8 split screen
Hard disk space 150-200M
Display speed : 25fps/PAL 30fps//NTSC, Total resource 200fps/PAL, 240fps/NTSC
System Support 2 Cards in same PC, Total resource 400fps/PAL, 480/NTSC
Display position, name, recording and recording mode, time for each camera
Brightness, contrast and color adjustable
Status display: recording mode, motion detection, sensor etc...
Support full screen or split screen playback. Multiple camera views on the screen simultaneously
25fps/channel real-time playback. Can have 8-channels playback simultaneously
Electronic zoom on playback. Can adjust brightness and clarity Support normal playback, per frame, fast playback (2-5 times) slow playback (1/2-1/5) picture size can be adjusted
Select playback based on hour, minute, search based event or time
Compression : MPEG-4 algorithm, less hard disk space required
Recording mode : Scheduled, motion detected; continuous, alarm triggered
Recording speed : Max. 240fps/NTCS, 200fps/PAL
Recording speed can be adjusted individually for each camera
640x480, 320x240. Can be adjusted individually for each camera
Resolution : PAL : 160x124, 352x288, 768x576 ; NTSC : 680x480
Motion detection recording. Area can be defined and sensitivity can be adjusted
Brightness, contrast, color, tint adjustable
Support multiple hard disk cycling recording
Support PTZ Remote Control, Dynamic IP
Flexible network connection. Support all TCP/IP network, PSTN, ISDN, XDSL, DDN, Lan etc, and Internet for remote control
Remote real-time view: Support full screen or 4-8 split screen
Remote control capability through remote module. User privileges can be defined. Remote module has the same interface as the local DVR server
Remote playback : Can search based on event or time
Can download DVR server operating data, abnormal shut-down or system error
Select playback based on hour, minute

Requirement :
Intel PentiumIII 800 Mhz or above
RAM 128 MB or above
40 GB hard disk or higher, 80GB recommended
GeForce or ATI chip 32 MB Ram or above
OS Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP

Package Content:
1pc of 8 Channel DVR Video Capture PCI Controller Card
1 pc of Ribbon Cables for camera Connection