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USB KeyStroke Logger Adaptor 1G Flash

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Price: $18.90
Prod. Code: UKS-0082


Excellent Computer Program monitor and Keystroke Logger Solution !!!

Extremely useful and perfect solution for parents that want to keep an eye on their kids' internet activities, employers who suspect their staff are up to something, or private investigators gathering information. It is a covert computer logging device that's a giant leap forward in high technology.

What makes this device different is that it doesn't have to be left plugged into a PC to monitor activity. You plug it into a USB port and within 15 seconds you can install a small piece of software that will log key strokes, remember websites visited and capture screen shots at regular time intervals.

There's no hardware to detect and when you want to retrieve the information gathered, you just plug back this unit into the PC again and everything will be uploaded onto it, so you can take it away and examine it later.