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Personal Security Window Door Alarm

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Price: $8.00
Prod. Code: MDR-1012


Specially designed for:
For personal security and door alarm function
Usage: at office or at home

User Guideline
Stick the holder to the door or windows frame. Embed the main alarm unit into the holder. Then stick the magnetic bar and align with the main unit. The gap between the main unit and magnetic bar should be less than 6mm. Also, the pointer direction on magnetic bar is approach to main unit.

Usage as Door/window alarm:
Embed the main unit into the holder. Close the door or window. Activate the alarm by switching the button to "alarm" mode. The ALARM will trigger to a very loud sound when there is an illegal entry. It will frighten away the thieves. If disable the ALARM function, just switch to "off" mode.


Package Included:
5 sets of Door / Window Sensor Alarm