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PCI 16 Channels Telephone Recording Card Version 2

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Price: $198.50
Prod. Code: PTR-0042V2

User Benefit
Secure Call Recording System
User definable right for Administration purpose and Multi- Level access control keeps your data safe
Hybrid Voice Logger
Record Analog Signal, call within the one server
Powerful Voice Logging
Comprehensive Call Recording, search, monitoring and playback capability
Cost Effective
Single Unit solution for all your telephone recording requirements

Key Features:
Analog voice logging
Up to 7,000 hours call recording capacity
Support incoming phone number display if appropriate
Secure and tamper proof call recording format
Real time monitoring phone conversation
Comprehensive call search capability
Automatic gain control of record and play to ensure the volume balance of two speakers
Professional, Automatic Voice Logging for Phone
When call recording is critical to your operations, you need a professional, dedicated voice logging system, our card is the solution for your call recording needs now and in a long term, it can provide recording in your PC.
Access Call Recording the way you want
Live monitor, search and replay calls from the software
Manage client phone recording, monitoring and replay the phone call through local computer network
Reliable and Fault Tolerant Voice Logger
Your calls are store in your PC hardware to guard losing your critical call records due to drive failure
Long Term Call Recording Storage and Archive
Store up to 7,000 hours in 40G harddrive up to 210,000 individual Calls
Powerful Voice Logger PC Client Included
All unit configuration, live monitoring, search and reply function may be performed from the convenience of your network PC running Window NT/ME/2K/XP. Calls from your PCI card unit to your computer or email calls in wav formats. Remote manager can also be used to add notes to calls in real time, which can later be used as a search parameter in conjunction with time, date, channel, extension, call direction, number called or CLI (where transmitted)
Multiple Security Options
Multiple password-secured access levels ensure that important voice logger functions are only available to authorized personnel. Configurable channel access for each remote manager user maintains the security of your calls while extending the benefits of call recording to more people within your operation.
Centralized Voice Logger Management System
Use and manager PCI telephone recording card units with one PC using Remote Manager, across the room via a LAN
Playback options
Continuously live monitor current calls PC Speakers
High Channel Density
Mix and match up to 32 analog Channels
Connect up to four ISDN spans to total recall max rack. Analog channels are field upgradeable in 4 or 8 or 16 channel multiples, up to the maximum of 32 channels

Package includes:
PCI 16 channel Telephone line card
Telephone connectors for 16 channel phone line recording