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Monitor Electric Power Watt Energy Cost Meter Analyzer

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Price: $21.90
Prod. Code: MEA-0102

The Monitor My Power Meter allows you to monitor and measure the power usage of electrical appliances in real-time.
The unit can display line voltage, line current, line power, total electric quantity and total electric charge. It can record the total electricity consumption. The unit price of Electricity can be set, then it can show the cost easily.
At the same time, it provides analysis on real-time running power and gives out alarm automatically, once abnormal operation occurs. It is useful to save power and reduce waste power.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Measurement power range: 1- 3000W
Measure power accuracy: +/-1%
Accumulative electric quantity range: 0.0001-999.9kWh
Clock accuracy: +/- 1 minute per month
Electricity Cost: $ 0 - 9,999
Ratio Of operation Condition: 0-100%
Operation Time: 0~60 minutes to 24 hours to 999 days (operation time in single operation period/accumulated time in all operation periods)
Refresh Rate: more than one time per second
Operating temperature: -10C to +60DegC

Extremely easy to use:
Connect the ammeter to an power supply from wall socket. It starts working, the red indicator and LCD backlight are lightened immediately.
Insert the appliance power plug into the ammeter, the ammeter starts real-time detection for appliance operation.
Limit to indoor use. Environmental Conditions: Temperature: -10---60 DegC Humidity

The Monitor My Power Meter x 1 pc